make your booty bigger

How i managed to add 3 inches to my Booty in less than 2 months!

Make Your Booty Bigger – Want a bigger BOOTY?

I was always a skinny girl! I didnt really mind it at all till it got to a point where i starterd comparing my body to others.

I was really frustrated with my flat booty ! I simply wanted a bigger bum !

i wanted a big and sexy booty.

I tried to eat more, workout more often and protein shakes, I thought i tried everything, and honestly i did try lots of different things and even thought of getting implants but i was too broke anyways.

It seemed to me that making my booty bigger was just a dream and i was practically convinced that my body is the thin type that comes with a small tiny butt and nothing can be done to change it naturally!

Untill i finally tried something new, something different ! My butt size increased by 3 inches!!!!

MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! Make Your Booty Bigger Is the Answer.

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I am very thankful than i have a real booty now, everyone keeps telling how awesome it is and i love it :)

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Make Your Booty Bigger – Trying so hard to get a BIGGER bum – but noting is really working?

Trust me i know exactly where you stand when you try so hard to make your butt bigger but nothing really works, especially when everybody out there is trying to sell you products without caring if it works or not.

well, I am going to tell you what worked for me, what made me get a bigger bum, sexier and rounder than ever!

I can tell you straight ahead I love my booty! I’m Proud of that lovely round big booty of mine.

So how did i manage to make my bum bigger? how can you get a bigger butt? simple!

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It took me less than 2 months to get the results that i needed

I strongly recommend it

Life is too short to live it with no big booty

make your booty bigger


Make Your Booty Bigger – Bigger Natural Buttocks, Where to start?

A couple of  Good answers i found while searching the internet at first for how to get my butt bigger and ofcoarse i did try them they were actually good in a way:

*Don’t eat a bunch of junk because it’s not healthy and depending on whether you’re male or female you could end up with cellulite. I strongly recommend taking cycling classes and setting the resistance to high (about an 8.) while standing and pedaling. Do this at least twice a week and you’re booty will be to die for. (Awesome muscle definition.) If that’s too hard use the butt blaster machine, do 3 sets, 30 reps of 30lbs or more. (whatever you can handle) (Wiki answers). - Now This was some how effective ! But LOTS OF HARD WORK !!!!! , What i did was way easier than this and my results were 100 times better (at least for me).

*The people with the best butts are volleyball players, soccer players, and some are just born with natural booty. Just do high energy leg working sports- your body automatically puts energy where you need it. Fat goes to that area to feed the growing muscle therefore your butt will be larger(Wiki answers). - This Answer I REALLY like but not everybody have 2-3 hours everyday to do sports (especially me).

*You are either born with one or you’re not(Wiki answers). - That’s what lazy folks would say! This is not an excuse. I was abled to transforme my tiny booty into a big juicy sexy round one.

*Whoever told you that eating a lot of foods will help get you thick is WRONG. Eating junk foods and candy will only help in putting on sloppy weight. It will make you FAT, NOT THICK. Remember that. The types of foods you should be eating if your trying to gain the right weight is proteins, so make an effort to put more proteins in your diet. You can eat good carbs (like wheat bread, brown rice) and not the bad stuff (potatoes, white rice). Also, eat more calories than you normally burn(Wiki answers). – I Really Like This note and If You do the right program along with staying healthy it will be a great advantage.